Two Inspiring Women

Two incredible women of God passed away recently. Bettie Steel and Martha Harvey loved the Lord and people until their dying breath. And now they are enjoying the splendor of their King in Heaven.
I wanted to share just a couple things I about these two women, because when someone inspires you to live more fully for Jesus, it should be talked about. 
If I was to describe Bettie in three adjectives, it would be Christ-centered, authentic, and guileless. Bettie was the type of person who followed Jesus and everyone knew it. Not because she was in your face about Him, but more because He was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. Also, Bettie never pretended to be anything that she wasn’t. She was consistently Bettie. It was part of her charm. Last, she never held back from telling the whole truth. And she never had an agenda of her own. She was genuinely loving and truth-filled all at the same time. 
Bettie enjoyed serving and caring for others for the glory of God. Over the last few years she wasn’t able to get out much, but figured out a way to serve others even in feeble health by making blankets for those in need. In speaking with Bettie a week before she passed, she told me, “Now Drew, as you preach, make sure the people know that our God is personal God who loves people. They can just talk to Him like we are talking right now and God loves them and listens to them…” Then as tears welled up in her eyes she said, “Make sure they know that God loves them.”
Is there a greater request a Christian can make of another Christian? I think not. 
The second to pass away was Martha Harvey. She was a lady who lived to serve Jesus and others. In fact, inside the pamphlet we got at her funeral, they typed Martha’s purpose in life. Martha once wrote, “This is my purpose: 1) To trust Him, 2) Treasure Him (Above All), & 3) to tell of Him.” 
Though I did not know Martha as well as I knew Bettie, from what I knew about her, she seemed to have a unique and mysterious mix of gentle-loving-kindness, dry humor, and spunk. I mostly came in contact with the gentle and loving side of her. But one story told at her funeral relayed the spunky side of her. For on one occasion while her husband was serving in the military, she punched a Colonel in the face, rendering him unconscious, because he chewed out her husband more than she thought was appropriate. I couldn’t help but chuckle while admiring such spirit and loyalty for her family.
Martha poured out her life serving others through the Hope Welcome Center ministry. For those who don’t know what that ministry is about, I encourage you to check out their website. What an incredible ministry to those in need that the world would naturally forget.
Both of these ladies will be missed. But it is such an amazing joy to know that their pain is gone and they are rejoicing in heaven now! What a blessing they are in our memories. Glory be to God for the lives of Bettie and Martha!

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