If I made a copy of an original document with a copy machine, the copy would look a lot like the original. But if I made a copy of a copy, and then a copy of the second copy, and then a copy of the third… the farther I got from the original document the less like the original the copies would be. 
Many generations removed from Christ, it is our tendency to copy the discipleship model of the generation before us (copying a copy) instead of copying Christ (the Original).
But what if we rebooted?
If we went back and simply copied the Original, all copies would look like the Original again.  
The point I’m trying to make is, as a disciple, we are to be a copy of the Original, not a copy of a copy. Meaning, let us follow Christ above all else, even when our leaders or everyone else would do otherwise – let’s follow Christ. It is the difference between life and death that we look to Christ to define Christianity for us above any leader or philosophy of Christianity that is taught to us. 
He is the Original; there is no one else worth copying.

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