I recently heard an evangelist talk about one of the ways he teaches the gospel to his son. He said that almost every evening he has a wrestling match with his son. It always ends the same way. He gets his son in a wrestling hold that he can’t get out of, and then he says, “Son, I could crush you right now.” (when I heard this I was kind of shocked and thought it was harsh… but hang in there it gets better.)
Then he tells his son, “But I won’t. You know why?”
His son says, “Because you love me.”
Evangelist responds, “Jesus could crush us all, but He doesn’t. You know why?”
His son replies, “Because He loves us.”
Though I still think the evangelist is a little harsh… I mean geesh, let the kid win every once in a while… I love what he teaches his son through this. The point is that God loves His children so much that He will not crush us. This may seem ridiculous and obvious to some. But if we knew how much sin He has forgiven us from, and how much wrath He has saved us from (that would crush us), we would see Him as infinitely merciful and great in His love for us. And we would fall down in worship!

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