Jan Hus was burned to death for his courage to fight for truth. In the beginning of the 1400’s men simply didn’t stand against the Catholic church. But being one of the first voices for reformation in the Catholic Church, Hus stood for biblical doctrine and against the injustices of some men holding high church offices. Hus had great impact through his preaching and writing on the big names of the reformation such as Luther and Calvin. But one of the most amazing things that came out of his death was that it spurred further revival in his country. 

May the same happen in our lives. What else about our lives will matter in all eternity but that which we did for Christ? Let us live as Hus did. Let us live for Christ. Let us fight for Him. Let us pour our lives our loving for Him. Let us die for Him if we must. Jesus! Jesus! It’s all for Jesus.


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