It’s a typical Sunday morning in the East household.

My iPhone alarm is blaring that tune we all hate to hear. You’d think it’s 5am or some obscene hour but no it’s about 7:30 and the night owl in me is mad I stayed up looking at Pinterest and Instagram so late.

I roll over to check the baby monitor. Our son Tristan is still sleeping. He definitely got my sleeping genes. If that even exists.

My husband Drew has already left for church where he is currently the Worship Pastor. For a second I think about going back to sleep and skipping church. Don’t act like you haven’t :)

I get to church and find everyone in their “Sunday best”. Not only in their attire but also in the facade most of us put on. Including myself. You know the, “How are you doing?” and “I’m fine” response you give even though you are ready to burst in tears or are really struggling but either too scared, ashamed or unwilling to actually tell them the truth.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves than we have all been in those situations. Many of us may be struggling in the same areas but since we aren’t open about it we end up feeling alone. What if we told the truth? What if I shared that I had a bad day? What if I was vulnerable? What if we stopped judging others and truly loved them? What if….

I challenge you to love God, live authentic and serve others.

Melissa grew up in Southern New Jersey. She lost her only sibling, David at age 10. Met Jesus at age 15 and thus began a never ending rollercoaster journey of healing, grace, rebellion, hope, and transformation. Melissa graduated college in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Palm Beach Atlantic University. Shortly after she met her husband, Drew online and married him in 2009. Became a pastor’s wife the following year when the Lord called her husband Drew back into ministry. Since then they have moved from California to Oklahoma to Connecticut to Texas, where they now reside with their son, Tristan and newest blessing Liam arriving January 2016. She recently graduated with her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling emphasizing in Marriage & Family from Liberty University in 2015. She enjoys being a wife and mom, serving in media & children’s ministry at her church, writing and working part-time as a photographer. Yet, more than anything she desires to serve the Lord authentically and fight for others to glorify God by sharing openly their unashamed redemption story.

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